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Word 2010 VBA

Restrictions found in VBA for Word 2010

  • Cannot create subclasses of classes.
  • Can pass static arrays to functions and procedures, but not methods. In methods, you get a compile error.
  • Cannot delete paragraph or table styles from the template using style.Delete. Get run-time error.
  • Cannot add table styles to the template. Get run-time error when code hits template.Style.baseStyle = myStyle.baseStyle.
  • Cannot add paragraph styles to the template. No error, but setting of template.Style.NextParagraphStyle is ignored.

MAC Word 2011 – Customize Menu

Word 2011 for MAC

New tabs cannot be added to the ribbon, but custom toolbars and buttons can be added.

To use custom images:

  1. Create a 24 x 24 PNG.
  2. Save the desired image onto the clipboard.
  3. Right click on the toolbar button and choose Properties
  4. Click the little triangle next the existing button face
  5. Select Paste from Image

UNIX Shortcuts

grep -r WORD .
Recursive search for &quo;WORD&quo; from current directory down.
Recursive search for &quo;FILENAME&quo; from current directory down.
Run &quo;COMMAND&quo; as super user.
On a non Apple Keyboard the command Key is the same as the Windows key. Also is the ALT key
Takes a screenshot of portion of the screen.

Windows Shortcuts

A quick reminder for the times you’ve been using a MAC or UNIX system too long.

Ctrl + Alt + PrintScreen
Puts entire desktop (content of all monitors) in paste buffer.
Alt + PrintScreen
Puts current window or dialog box in paste buffer.
Ctrl + C
Copy selected object into paste buffer.
Ctrl + V
Pastes contents of paste buffer into insertion point or replaces selection.
Alt + Tab
Cycles through all the windows on the desktop clockwise.
Alt + Shift + Tab
Cycles through all the windows on the desktop counter clockwise.
Crtl + Alt + Delete
The last resort or to start the Task Manager.